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OPTIMUS for all interior, exterior, and floors

OPTIMUS PRIMER for a variety of groundwork

下地別 プライマー
内装用 室内環境対応型水性エマルジョンペイント OPTIMUS INTERIOR PAINT 可視応答型光触媒 高性能光触媒エコ塗料

Choose OPTIMUS INTERIOR PAINT if you are looking for appearance in addition to heat insulation and deodorant effect. Various colors and tones are available for you select from.
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外装用 有機・無機ハイブリット型 アクリルシリコンエマルジョンペイント OPTIMUS WHITE PAINT 高性能光触媒エコ塗料

A white pain that prevents stains, degrades auto emissions, and maintains its everlasting whiteness
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コンクリート用 二液・水性アクリルウレタン
樹脂系クリア防塵塗料 OPTIMUS C3

OPTIMUS C3 with clear coating that keeps away stains and scratch
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