OPTIMUS is a Latin word meaning, "excellent condition". Take our environment to the next level with the "excellent conditions" matching the time we are living.

OPTIMUS fully utilizes Japanese state-of-the-art technologies to make possible these "excellent conditions". It is a product that leads you to understand the nature.

Ecological concern

1.Global Warming -What can we do?-

What we can do to save the planet

Rising sea level, drought, heat wave... The global warming is affecting our planet in various ways.

Polar bears are on the verge of extinction due to global warming. Loss of glacier will make them the first animal to be gone due to global warming.

The carbon dioxide emission from automobiles, factories, and other creation of human civilization is accelerating the global warming, and as a result, the ice covering the North Pole is shrinking every year.

Polar bears are on the verge of extinction due to global warming. They will be the first mammal to lose their home on this planet.

Can we honestly tell those polar bears,

"we will come protect you guys"?

A low carbon lifestyle that
begins with OPTIMUS

An air-conditioner exhausts CO2
the most in your house.

Choose to ride bicycle
Choose to drive an

Choose to use an eco-bag for shopping
Choose to use OPTIMUS when repainting your house

Such a simple decision makes the world difference for the environment of our planet.

2. Why OPTIMUS is so ecologically conscious -What is photocatalyst?-


Photocatalyst is a substance that uses absorbed light to generate the active oxygen, and at the same time, provide "degradation" and "superhydrophilic" properties. OPTIMUS successfully applies such properties into practical uses. OPTIMUS degrades organic matters and purifies air when used indoor. Meanwhile, when applied on the exterior wall, OPTIMUS removes stains and dirt out of the painted wall with its self-cleaning properties, and wash it away with rain, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the building. We are tirelessly improving our technologies concerning photocatalysts; one of our important achievements is to modify the photocatalyst so that it reacts not only to ultraviolet ray but also to visible light (ordinary lamp, etc.). Now it functions more efficiently through its reaction not only to the sunlight but also to fluorescent lamp, LED, and other light source.


The microcapsules concentrated on the paint surface keeps the warmth inside.

Mechanism of air cleaning action

Photocatalyst is a substance that absorbs ultraviolet ray included in the sunlight and fluorescent lamps, and uses it to trigger chemical reactions. By using the light energy and combining it with water and oxygen in the air to generate the active oxygen. The active oxygen is very oxidative. It degrades stain-causing organic compounds, hazardous substances, and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors, and converting them to harmless carbon dioxide and water, cleans the environment, and provides antibacterial, antifouling, and deodorant effects. Meanwhile, photocatalyst itself is never oxidized nor is it reducible, and therefore, its effect is almost permanent. That is, as long as OPTIMUS is applied somewhere, it keeps cleaning the air.

3. Joint development

OPTIMUS WHITE PAINT was developed as a product pertinent to an industry-government-university cooperation.

OPTIMUS was developed under the support of Sakai City, and through cooperative efforts by Osaka Prefecture University, Graduate School of Engineering. The photocatalytic effect characteristic of OPTIMUS, which was developed based on the photocatalytic technology owned by Osaka Prefecture University, has been filed for patent protection, which is currently under review.

4. Conversion data

It has been demonstrated that setting the air conditioner at 2°C or higher in the summer would save electricity by 20% or higher.

《Source: Daikin Industries, Ltd. Experiment 2: The temperature was raised by 2°C to 20°C exclusively in "a room in which energy saving measure is in place", and compared with "a room in which no energy saving measure is in place" to see the difference in energy consumption. 》

OPTIMUS fills the gap of 2°C

In the winter: Set the air conditioner at 18°C; you will get a room temperature of 20°C.
In the summer: Set the air conditioner at 28°C; you will get a room temperature of 26°C.


The heat insulation effect of OPTIMUS maintains the room temperature. We tend to set a room temperature high in the winter; however, by applying OPTIMUS, its heat blocking (insulation) effect enables to keep your room warm without setting your air-conditioner high. Vice versa in the summer. This saves electricity and ecological environment.