1. Personal Information Manager:
Hiromi Takao, Representative Director, Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

2. Purpose for personal information use
(1) Shipment of and billing for products, and contact for marketing and customer services
(2) Product information through emails and other relevant means upon customers' consent
3. Security measures for the management of personal information
Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. has a legitimate and reasonable security measures to prevent divulgation of customers' personal information (*) as well as unauthorized access from third party
(The "third party" hereby means any person or company who is not authorized by Personal Information Manager)
4. Third-party disclosure of personal information
In no event shall any of your personal information be disclosed to third party (not including relevant subcontractors) without your advanced consent; unless such disclosure is intended for a legitimate purpose. In any case, disclosure of your personal information will always be preceded by your advanced acknowledgment of the information to be disclosed and the party to which such information is disclosed, as well as your advanced consent; except for the following cases:

○A user of our product may cause harm or disadvantage to a third party; in which case, we might contact such third party, or even the police or its affiliate;

○Disclosure of user's personal information is demanded by the courts, Public Prosecutors Office, the police, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, or National Consumer Affairs Center, or an organization given a similar authorization; in such case the personal information may be disclosed.

○Your personal information is processed to make your identity untraceable, and after which, used or further processed for tabulation and analysis pertinent to development and improvement of our services.
5. Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. may amend this Privacy Policy to maintain our system intended for appropriate and optimal protection of personal information; however, in any case, such amendment shall always be superseded by the laws and regulations of Japan.