Coating technique for interior


  Roller Foundation: Plasterboard / Vinyl cloth / Concrete / Mortar / Woods, etc.
Process Materials Dilution rate Amount of paint
Painting area
(15 kg can)
Groundwork The foundation must be scraped, roughened, and cleansed to remove rust, dirt, alga, and fungus, and make the base surface clean, and after which, provide a groundwork suitable to the surface before applying OPTIMUS. The curing period for concrete or mortar should be at least 3 weeks; ensure that the water content is 10% or below and pH 9.5 or below before applying OPTIMUS.
Compounding ratio
(weight ratio)
OPTIMUS primers OPTIMUS primers Primer for a variety of groundwork. Refer to the brochure.
Viscosity (mPas) OPTIMUS INTERIOR PAINT 0〜5% 0.15 ≧2 hours 45 to 50 m2
(2-layer coating)
Solid content (%) 30±2 0〜5% 0.15 ≧2 hours
Roller coating process
Ensure to completely remove the flaking old paints and ballooning when coating OPTIMUS pertinent to remodeling. Use a solvent to wipe off oil stains from the surface, and fix any cracks before applying OPTIMUS.
Dust and dirt left on the surface can weaken the adhesion, which may cause ballooning, flaking, and/or other problems. Make sure to appropriately clean the surface. When applying OPTIMUS on wallpapers, wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and make sure the surface is completely dried before applying the coating.
(primer coating)
We have various primers for different groundwork (see attachment). Portions where cracks are fixed or otherwise the primer is heavily absorbed should be coated again with the primer. The painting interval is 30 minutes to 1 hour when the air temperature is 20°C.
Stirring method:
Before coating, use an electric agitator to stir until all the paint is evenly mixed. Inadequate mixing may cause the aggregates in the coating to appear on the surface, and/or make the coating unevenly spread.
Final coating:
2 layers (painting method)
When applying the coating, do not stick with one direction. Ensure to apply it both vertically and horizontally (otherwise the special aggregates in the paint may be unevenly spread, which may cause a defective finish). Also, strictly comply with the standard amount of paint. The painting interval is 30 minutes to 1 hour when the air temperature is 20°C. Comply with the painting interval, and ensure to provide 2 layers of coating.